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June 27, 2019

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How to find the best catering services company in Portugal?

catering services company, event organization, wedding in Portugal

June 18, 2019

June 2019

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How to find the best catering services company in Portugal?

If you're planning your wedding, a celebration or corporate event in Portugal, you need a quality catering service. The food is delicious in Portugal so we're sure you'll have the best event here, with a little help from us.

What should be included in the catering service contract:

A catering services company manages every little detail and aspect of an event organization, from decoration (flowers for example), furniture, dishes, food, photographers, entertainers for kids, music, staff, the list goes on. Catering companies normally organize events such as weddings, birthday parties and corporate events, but will most certainly organize any other event the client needs.

How a catering company will organize your company or family event?

The company takes care of all logistics, decoration, special needs. The red line is always the list prepared in the begining with the client where everything is well detailed, so nothing is forgotten.

Event organization is the main strenght of a catering services company, having permanent contact with other companies that provide for example food or companies that store furniture to rent makes the logistics of the event easier and quicker. A catering services company usually has multiple places such as farms or penthouses for the events to take place, taking care of the logistics of the parking lot, toilets and space per person. A good catering services company also has a dedicated staff for the multiple services the event needs, for example chefs, animators, music bands and bartenders to provide the best experience possible.

A catering service company is your best ally for your wedding in Portugal

Weddings in Portugal are always accompained by big banquets featuring traditional portuguese food, appetizers and beverages such as port wine and licor. There is no wedding without a band for the couple and the guests to enjoy a dance and party together, therefore a good catering services company should always deal with music and establish a designated dancefloor to provide a good and fun experience to its clients. Besides that, weddings in Portugal often have a large number of guests, and with the guests come their children, who normally tend to enjoy other activities and food in contrast with their parents, therefore it is important to keep that in mind when it comes to event organization. Sometimes the best thing to do for the children to have fun is to have a menu and a table just for them to have their own little party during the wedding while the parents enjoy their wine.

If you are interested in a good quality catering services company, contact us, we would have a great pleasure to ensure your event´s success!

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