Each event at Imppacto is a gastronomic project based on love and dedication. The company has an unflagging work culture and preserves various techniques and practices allied to a deep knowledge about the preparation of foods, the cooking of dishes and adjusting them perfectly to the best suited wines. Under the standard of sophistication and quality, each event is a breath of creativity to the senses of smell, taste, sight and touch which are harmoniously combined into unique flavours and consonant forms. The goal, in the long run, is to transform each forkful into a renewed privilege that will remain in your gastronomic memory.

Despite being able to take on very different challenges, namely concerning world cuisine, Imppacto’s gastronomy is based on the Portuguese tradition of our ancestors renewed into a fusion of contemporary cuisine with new concepts and techniques in terms of presentation. The result unfolds into varied and exceptional menus that are always accompanied by a touch of class and modernity.

Among the many dishes that constitute our story are veal (bottom round) confit cooked at a very low temperature in a muscatel wine reduction and countryside aromas; the leeks à brás on top of red onions freshened with coconut milk and dehydrated olive powder; the famous fish, seafood and crustaceans pyramid in a velvety Indian saffron sauce, evoking the Portuguese coast and many voyages during the discoveries; and also, because tradition is still what it used to be, an Abbot of Priscos pudding ice cream on a pineapple carpaccio macerated in a syrup of spices.



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