Fine Dining

The fine dining service at Imppacto largely surpasses the idea of a gastronomic experience of conviviality for smaller groups. In fact, we have conceived fine dining as an artistic dimension in very unique occasions. With a philosophy capable of transforming any theme or circumstance into exceptional delicacies of food design, the table during these moments becomes the ideal scene for an opportunity to experience multiple emotions in just one evening.

Time becomes a luxury in fine dining. The delight of the imagination, stomach and senses has its own rhythm as it promotes and praises a slow pace through a creative menu. The menu itself is a kind of long musical narrative whose rhythm – gastronomic rhythm in this case – is always in tune with the flavours of what is being served in each occasion by the chef.

If In Search of Lost Time Proust dips a madeleine into tea thus evoking from his childhood the memory of a life, then the underlying motive for fine dining is also a pretext for an unfolding of gastronomic surprises that reinvent the purpose of gathering diners. In this way, we gastronomically rewrite the story behind a theme or figure, as uncommon as it may be, and with a menu of unimaginable references. A typical example of a fine dining project was the “Angela Carter” dinner. Appetites beyond the grasp of imagination” which is how the 2017 congress “Experiencing Food: Designing Dialogsended. That evening, seven signature dishes were served, seven mysteries to be deciphered. Their common theme was one of the most acclaimed books by Carter, an author that combines gothic horror to the mastery of suspense. Among these sublime proposals, the diners were able to savour the same bones that the vampire of The Lady of the House of Love buried in the garden after she fed on her victims – with playing cards made from blood and beetroot –, as well as a “deconstructed giblets” dish on top of the writer’s tombstone. The virtuosity of technique and a boundless imagination are clearly essential. One of these days, find an excuse to gather the perfect guests and we’ll take care of the rest.


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