Executive Chef

None of Proust’s madeleines are present in Chef Eduardo Duarte’s childhood memories.  If anything, there are some birthday cakes that he made for the family when he was very young and some corn bread that he sold to nearby neighbours.  But if we go in search of lost time, the essential memory dates back to an afternoon in his childhood with pots and pans under his grandfather’s patient supervision.  More specifically to the aroma of a sauté that mixed bread, olive oil, tomato, garlic, and aromatic herbs, incorporated into the cooking vapours of white cabbage.  The result was an açorda and a vegetable soup that the afternoon of fun transformed into a dinner for adults.  Edu, who was no more than 12 years old, continued to play as a cook for a long time, much like the recipes made with wooden spoons that appeared in Teleculinária.  He was still far from knowing that one day he’d become Chef Eduardo Duarte, the creator of a banquet menu for 9,000 people, the maker of discreet dinners for anonymous couples that deposited wishes of eternal happiness on his dish or the guardian of delicacies for kings and queens, princes and princesses, presidents of republics or heads of states such as Vladimir Putin – according to the legend the president dismissed his food-taster at the Portuguese-Russian summit when it came to the sautéed monkfish with shrimp and clams in a bulhão pato sauce over julienne vegetables. The vote of confidence of the new czar spread to Barack Obama, Prince Charles and the first official meal of President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa at the Ajuda Palace – mini loin sandwiches, for being as simple as they are Portuguese. However, this confidence continues present in many other ways, especially at Imppacto, which invited Eduardo Duarte to join the team after knowing that he was going to leave a project that he had been dedicated to for 24 years.  The chef got to work and cooked a drastic change based on what has always motivated him professionally: the possibility to create innovative dishes and menus, now with the help of two other chefs, Marisa Gomes and Rebeca Serra, who enhance the excellent job that had already been done. In Eduardo Duarte’s perspective the important aspect in the world of catering and events is using raw materials of the highest quality and always having at hand two indispensable ingredients: the dedication and deepest respect for the clients’ expectations and the typology of each event.  The rest is always a question of intuition and creativity, served in generous doses and to the flavour of perfect connections.

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