Catering is the essential element of any event since it determines its level of sophistication.

Imppacto is characterised by the organisation of your company’s special moments beginning with the creation of the idea up until the final result.

From the simplest menus to more complex tasting menus, and always considering the type of circumstance and the concept that one has in mind, all the necessary details will be handled by an experienced team and exceptional chef who always follow the new trends that take root in the flavours of traditional foods.

Imppacto is in constant training and has a spirit of outdoing itself with a constant strive for excellence. We develop techniques and methods that respond to any challenge proposed by a company however uncommon or complex it may seem.

The gastronomic proposal always takes place with the selection of an adequate wine to perfectly combine various flavours and personalities. We put into practice everything that you have imagined for the most special moments in your life.

In fact, we only want to be the perfect break during your work and build with you the taste of success in your company’s history.

Contact us now if you need our help for your next event.


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