Imppacto, a company specialising in creative catering and events, was founded at the beginning of the 21st century by a couple whose inspiration was the desire to recreate memorable moments.  During the first few years, the company dedicated itself mainly to the organisation of wedding events that were marked by an unsuspected originality.  However, time quickly did its job.  The quality of the results led to the project’s expansion and a reinvention that tackled the times of crisis along with a series of demands regarding the evolution of good taste in terms of gastronomy and design.  Imppacto is a leading company in Portugal that has become the market leader in the past five years.  It is committed to both higher quality and service excellence, while always keeping in mind the idea that we are far from all being equal.  For each event there is always a common denominator and a personalised way of conceiving it: first, it is necessary to understand the aesthetic and gastronomic concept at its source; then, it is necessary to plan and give it life by drawing on the company’s autonomy in all its aspects – gastronomic creation, décor, or providing spaces, with or without specific guidelines from the clients. For each moment to be memorable we have a team comprised of sixty people who daily cook recipes of happiness at the company’s headquarters in Quinta da Regateira. This is a well-kept verdant secret in Lazarim with a lively joie de vivre that is notorious in each celebration.  This is where Imppacto carries out its services, with its warehouses containing decorative goods for each occasion – furniture, dishes, glassware, cutlery, candlesticks, serviettes, among other utensils that together will set the design for each circumstance – along with the mysteries of a (re)invented traditional cuisine that is kept by a chef who is both creative and remarkable. Each event organised by Imppacto is a story of celebration whose narrative is written from almost two decades of experience: from the blank space of the selected venue, to the defined tone of the design theme and the flavour of the gastronomy in harmony with the nature of each proposal.  And the impact is almost always the same: a relationship of complicity built on sensitivity and extremely good taste that is at the service of all the dreams in the world. 

Paulo Pinto & Lucinda Pinto

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